scavenger hunt

Explore The City At Your Feet with Portland Trails!

Portland Trails’ annual City at Your Feet scavenger hunt is coming up this Saturday, July 13th!

City at Your Feet is a cross-town scavenger hunt and people-powered trail adventure. Teams compete to crack as many clues as possible and gain points for finding unique locations along the trail network, all while traveling car-free throughout the city. Whether you walk or bike, bus or pogo-stick, City at Your Feet will get you and your friends and family out the door and exploring all the incredible sights that Portland Trails has to offer!


When: Saturday, July 13th, 2019, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Where: Starts and ends at Portland Gear Hub, 155 Washington Ave with an After Party!
Price: Tickets are $25/adult (16+) and $12/child (15 and under).

You can participate in teams of 2 to 6 participants.

Register early to get a spot and share with your friends!

At Gray Fox, our way of contributing to our local communities is by donating 1% of our annual profits to organizations that focus on conservation and land trusts in Maine. Portland Trails is just one of those organizations!