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Join the Gray Fox Adventure Troop at Clifford Park!

Are you looking for new adventures but can never find anyone to go with? Are you looking for outdoor spaces to explore close by?

Come adventure with Gray Fox Real Estate! As part of our conscious company model, we are organizing events to connect people to green spaces in our communities. As an overall theme, we hope to raise awareness about how designated green spaces can improve the quality of life for everyone in our communities and benefit real estate values!

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Real Estate vs. Stocks: Where should you invest?

All investments carry some level of risk. Commonly, people are told to invest in mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and/or real estate. Financial advisors tell people to “diversify their portfolio.” But to do that, you should know how stocks compare to real estate with regard to performance and suitability.

What’s Going On In The Maine Real Estate Market?


In April, we shared with you an update on the current real estate market. which was, and still is, a Seller’s Market. Houses are entering the market, receiving multiple bids, and selling quickly, often under one week. This is great for sellers but is proving to be difficult for buyers because decisions must be made quickly, and buyers are bidding against each other driving up the prices.

A strong 2019 will be dependent on the number of existing homeowners looking to sell. These existing owners are also impacted by the limited inventory and are hesitant to put their homes on the market because they’re not readily finding their next housing option.
— Peter Harrington, 2019 president of the Maine Association of Realtors, via

In a market update from MaineBiz on May 22, 2019, they shared that sales of single family homes in Maine have risen by 4.8% and the median sales price has increased by 5% to $210,000 since last year at this time.


Is That Waterfront Property Worth It?

The state of Maine has 3,478 miles of coastline which makes it one of the states with the most, only topped by Louisiana and Florida(VisitMaine). While this makes Maine a beautiful place to live and a popular vacation spot, it also means that as water levels rise and extreme weather events continue due to climate change, the risk of flooding and damage to infrastructure increases.

Take A Hike With Portland Trails!

Every year on the first Saturday of June, people across the country get outside to celebrate National Trails Day. Our friends at Portland Trails celebrate by hosting the Forest City Trail Walk, a 10 mile hike that covers the full spectrum of their trails--along the rivers, in the thick woods, along marshes, on streets and by 2 waterfalls. It starts near the Westbrook/Portland line and goes all the way to the Falmouth line.

IMG_7047 (1).JPG

With two groups, one taking a more leisurely pace, you can explore and enjoy the views of the trails while learning about the Portland Trails people, work, impact and trails. Pack a lunch and water to stop and eat on the trails.

When: Saturday, June 1, 2019, 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Where: Starts at Stroudwater Trail, Blueberry Rd., Portland, ME
Price: $20

Register early to get a spot and share with your friends!

At Gray Fox, our way of contributing to our local communities is by donating 1% of our annual profits to organizations that focus on conservation and land trusts in Maine. Portland Trails is just one of those organizations!

Out With The Old, In With The New....Or Not?

Out With The Old, In With The New....Or Not?

In Maine, the operational costs and energy consumption of homes are higher because of the cold weather. Buyers interested in “green” initiatives should pay attention to reducing carbon emissions in real estate. Even in brand new "green" or energy-efficient homes, the embodied carbon is higher than an existing home. At Gray Fox Real Estate we think it is important to raise awareness to help our communities contribute less to the production of new embodied carbon.

Buyer's Agents: Why Do You Need One?


Automation and technological advancements in business are changing the way we do things. Grocery stores provide online ordering and curbside pickup, doctor’s offices use online portals to communicate with patients about tests, medications, and medical questions, and in real estate, you can view homes, communicate with agents, and buy a home while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Since technology has simplified real estate so much, why should you still hire a buyer’s agent?



When you hire a buyer’s agent, you are hiring someone who has experience, has taken time to understand the legalities, logistics, and processes that are crucial in completing a real estate transaction with minimal risk and loss. Sites like Zillow and use algorithms to aggregate information from across the web. However, Zillow’s “Zestimate” tool can yield an inaccurate number. This can cause missed opportunities for sellers. Buyers will simply pass by the house if it is priced too high.


When you hire a buyer’s agent, you gain access to the tools, resources, and experience that they have. Realtors in Maine use the Maine Listings System(MLS) which allows for them to search for homes based on specific criteria like price range, location, number of bedrooms, acreage, waterfront, and more. This system provides them with years of data on sold properties so that they can provide you with advice related to market value. They also have access to in depth information about the property that the seller provides so you can uncover possible issues.


Lastly, a buyer’s agent is a fiduciary that provides you with protection and support throughout the transaction. Real estate transactions are complex processes that require attention to detail and an understanding of real estate law, building science, and financing. By hiring a buyer’s agent, you can focus on making the decision, rather than due diligence. 
As your agent, they will be there to explain the process at each step and give you advice when you need it. As licensed Realtors, they have experience with negotiating and getting you the best price possible.

At Gray Fox Real Estate, we have compiled the services we feel are absolutely critical for our clients to have as buyers. A full list of our Buyer Services can be found here on our website.

Considering selling? See our full list of Seller Services here.

Lighting: Why It’s Important and How You Should Use It

Lighting has the ability to change the way a room feels and looks. A small, dark bedroom can be turned into a cozy get-away simply by adding proper lighting like lamps, overhead fixtures, and dimmers(NYTimes). Lighting is especially important in real estate, for both buyers and sellers. Poor lighting can make it difficult for buyers to see the potential a house has and that means less offers for sellers.


Why Is Lighting Important?

According to, “proper lighting is known to improve mood and energy levels” and can also affect your appetite and circadian rhythms. Natural, bright light in the morning will make you more alert and dimmed, soft light will help your transition into sleep. Lighting has the power to effect mood and energy, and therefore is important to pay attention to when buying and selling.

How Should Lighting Be Used?

There are three types of lighting, “general, which provides basic light for the room; task lighting, which highlights a specific work area; and accent lighting, which can create a focal point in the room”(HGTV). Those three types of lighting should be used throughout your home and with each other to create the perfect lighting plan.


Task lighting is important in the kitchen because you need be able to see when you are cooking. Under cabinet lighting and recessed overhead lighting are great for this(HGTV).


According to the New York Times, you should avoid using a recessed light fixture in your bathroom because “it casts shadows that are not flattering”. A better choice would be wall-mounted sconces that create even illumination.

Room Size

Lighting is a great tool for rooms where space is limited. According to LightLogic, you can create the illusion that a room is larger than it is by placing your light fixtures higher up in the room to draw the eye up as well as using mirrors to reflect existing light,


Lastly, don’t forget that the bulbs you use matter. LED bulbs are versatile and come in a range of colors. According to the New York Times, a good option is “warm white”. Avoid “day light” bulbs as they have a “dreaded warehouse look”.