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Buyer's Agents: Why Do You Need One?


Automation and technological advancements in business are changing the way we do things. Grocery stores provide online ordering and curbside pickup, doctor’s offices use online portals to communicate with patients about tests, medications, and medical questions, and in real estate, you can view homes, communicate with agents, and buy a home while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Since technology has simplified real estate so much, why should you still hire a buyer’s agent?



When you hire a buyer’s agent, you are hiring someone who has experience, has taken time to understand the legalities, logistics, and processes that are crucial in completing a real estate transaction with minimal risk and loss. Sites like Zillow and use algorithms to aggregate information from across the web. However, Zillow’s “Zestimate” tool can yield an inaccurate number. This can cause missed opportunities for sellers. Buyers will simply pass by the house if it is priced too high.


When you hire a buyer’s agent, you gain access to the tools, resources, and experience that they have. Realtors in Maine use the Maine Listings System(MLS) which allows for them to search for homes based on specific criteria like price range, location, number of bedrooms, acreage, waterfront, and more. This system provides them with years of data on sold properties so that they can provide you with advice related to market value. They also have access to in depth information about the property that the seller provides so you can uncover possible issues.


Lastly, a buyer’s agent is a fiduciary that provides you with protection and support throughout the transaction. Real estate transactions are complex processes that require attention to detail and an understanding of real estate law, building science, and financing. By hiring a buyer’s agent, you can focus on making the decision, rather than due diligence. 
As your agent, they will be there to explain the process at each step and give you advice when you need it. As licensed Realtors, they have experience with negotiating and getting you the best price possible.

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Tips for Buying A Haunted House in Maine

Sometimes crimes, murders and deaths happen inside of houses. When horrible things happen, a house can be subject to rumors, prejudice, and eventually be deemed a “stigmatized property.” This means that the home is rejected by potential buyers for reasons that are not related to the physical condition. The most common reason stigmatized homes are rejected is out of fear that they are haunted.