Save your windows, save money, save energy!

Did you find the perfect house to buy, but walked away because it had old wood windows? Did you think you had to replace them all, hence pushing the home out of your budget? Go back! Make an offer! And check this out! 

Did you know that a wooden window equipped with a storm window will last longer than most vinyl windows and will be JUST AS energy efficient as most vinyl windows? It also means.....less waste! We always love less waste at Gray Fox Real Estate! New England Window Restoration Alliance ("NEWRA") is a great organization that provides research on wooden windows. Their website has everything you need to know to toughen up those wooden windows you have and save money doing it. 


Here are a few more reasons to keep those wooden windows, thanks to NEWRA:

  1. In many cases, those windows were made to complement and fit your home's structure. You can help keep the true and original beauty of your home by keeping and improving those original features.

  2. Older windows were made so that individual parts could be repaired without replacing the entire unit. "Sash cords, weights, pulleys, hardware and salvaged glass are readily available. Non-standard parts can be milled by local wood shops". Here's to another chance to save money!

  3. It's good for you and the earth! Not only will equipping your wooden windows with new, insulated, triple track storm windows make your home more energy efficient (you could save as much as 30-40% on heating costs), it will also help reduce the environmental effects of Poly Vinyl Chloride(PVC). PVC production is known to have negative effects on our environment, as well as the ability to omit harmful gases over time and, in the case of a fire, toxic dioxin.

For more information on window restoration, visit New England Window Restoration Alliance's website. 

Zoë Fluet

Zoë Fluet is the Director of Communications at Gray Fox Real Estate.