Featured Area Professional: Dave Andrukaitis, Andrukaitis-Mosher Builders

Name: Dave Andrukaitis

Company: Andrukaitis-Mosher Builders, Gray ME

Dave Andrukaitis and Tim Mosher both had their start in the high-end residential building trades. Together, they have worked on many multi-million dollar projects all over the country. They started out their company in 2009 with a simple goal to provide their clients the best quality, even if it meant taking a loss.  


They feel that all clients, both well-to-do and those who live more meagerly, deserve to have the best quality work performed when they hire a general contractor. Integrity is everything and in such a small geographic area such as Southern Maine, it’s critical to maintain the best reputation one can! This ideal and subsequent reputation has allowed them to not only make it through a very difficult recession, but also grow their firm exponentially over the recent years.   

All clients, both well-to-do and those who live more meagerly, deserve to have the best quality work performed when they hire a general contractor.
— Dave Andrukaitis, Andrukaitis-Mosher Builders

We asked Dave…

What makes you different from other professionals in your area?

Maine is a state where there is currently no General Contractor/Builder Licensing or official criteria to meet to demonstrate professional/essential knowledge to prospective clients. In essence, this self-governing environment allows many contractors to set their own rules, quality control, etc. as long as it fits into general code requirements and accepted building techniques. Unfortunately, this system is often taken advantage of and the result is that the consumer is often the one paying the costs of inferior work.

Andrukaitis-Mosher Builders has prided itself for striving to provide our clients a level of service and quality that is above reproach. Since our competition has the luxury of operating in a wide interpretation of what is acceptable, we feel our best marketing technique is to be the best builder and general contractor that we can be, regardless of how others operate. We have partnered alongside many of Maine's largest and top rated builders and have built a reputation of providing the same quality products at a competitive pricing. Our strategy is simple: provide the best results and experience and keep overhead low. This allows us to cast a wider net and provide top quality results to consumers who may otherwise assume that their budgets are too small for an established and reputable General Contractor/Builder. 

Do you have any tips for home buyers/builders?

ALWAYS acquire the services of an experienced and independent home inspector or builder, review and question property disclosures, and NEVER simply take for face value what is said. It’s one of the largest purchases of a lifetime. Ask questions, do your due diligence, and don’t be afraid to “offend” anyone. Also, it’s most times always more expensive to build/renovate then it is to find an existing suitable home. With less and less individuals/couples purchasing homes, my advice for the first time purchasers is to find a quality home that will work for your needs for a minimum of 5 years. 

What are some common mistakes or mishaps that homeowners could avoid by utilizing Andrukaitis-Mosher Builders?

Reputation is everything. Any builder can muster up resources to create flashy commercials, decal trucks/trailers, etc. My advice: ask for references from clients that had similar projects. Ask for bank and lumber yard references. Andrukaitis-Mosher Builders has never had the need to advertise. All of our work is by word of mouth. I can say all the right things to convince you to use our contracting firm, however, I would much rather have my clients convince you. 


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