Featured Lender: Bryan Smith, Caliber Home Loans

Name: Bryan Smith

Company: Caliber Home Loans

Bryan Smith is a branch manager and loan consultant at Caliber Home Loans in Portland, Maine. Bryan has been in the industry for a decade and has committed himself to understanding every aspect of it. He believes that it is imperative to know the rules and regulations associated with mortgage lending. “If you know all the pitfalls, you can assure that there are no “gotchas” half way through the process.”  When he starts a loan, he closes it. 

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We asked Bryan….

What are your specialties?

Getting loans to the closing table. Communication is paramount. My phone lines are ALWAYS OPEN!

Tips for first-time buyers?

Get Pre-Approved and work with a realtor. I’d suggest Polly Cockrill!

What’s something you think buyers should know about the market now?

Interest rates are on the rise. With that said, there is absolutely nothing they or I can do about it. Do your research. Visit as many houses as you need to. This is a HUGE decision. Life changer. Don’t take it lightly or rush into it just to capture a lower interest rate.

What makes you different than other lenders?

Communication and partnership. From the first call to the closing table, I will always be available. Buying a home, be it the first or 21st, is a big deal. There are no bad questions.  I have the answers. Do not hesitate to ask. 

When speaking on his values as a lender and how he views the client-lender relationship, Bryan said:

“From day 1, I consider myself a partner to my clients. I advise them every step of the way and show them the pros and cons of every move. During the loan process, you can consider me your full-time partner, advisor and friend. I am famous for taking the call at all times and that includes nights and weekends, unless I am eating dinner with the family.. I still get a huge thrill out of the closing table. I attend all of my closings. Whether it’s putting someone in their first home, dream home, second home or investment, I love seeing everyone at the closing!!”

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Zoë Fluet

Zoë Fluet is the Director of Communications at Gray Fox Real Estate.