Tiny Home, Big Opportunities

Owning a home demands a tremendous amount of time. Homes require maintenance, and have a lot of expenses that add up in addition to the mortgages, taxes and insurance. Cleaning, grounds maintenance, exterior repairs, heat and electricity bills can be a burden to a homeowner and their wallet. The solution to these problems may be a lot smaller than you might expect....A Tiny House! 

The "Tiny House Movement" has recently caught the attention of many real estate magazines and even sparked new television series such as "Tiny House Nation" on FY and "Big Living" on HGTV. Tiny homes must be between 60-400 square feet, according to The Tiny House. Anything bigger and you're getting into the "small home" range. So...what is the big draw to living in a home that is the size of your backyard shed? You can live "big" even with a tiny amount of space.

A Tiny House means....

Smaller price tag

Tiny Houses of Maine, a family business based in South Portland, builds custom tiny homes as well as "shells" that can be purchased for as little at $16,900 for you to DIY! Their smallest "turn-key" models range from $49,000 to $75,000. These lower costs to purchase allow for you to live with little to no mortgage payment, as well as the ability to spend more on the features in your home that important to you, like appliances, flooring, or technology, rather than the house itself. 

Minimized clutter

Tiny Home living means having things in your home that are necessary, useful, and multi-use. In reality you don't, and never did, need three sets of dinnerware and matching salt and pepper shakers, no matter how cute they are. Living in a tiny home gives you the opportunity to narrow down what you own, go back to the basics, and embrace what is truly important. #minimalist lifestyle. 

Less cleaning

According to Real Simple Clean, if you own a home with "three bedrooms, two full-size bathrooms, and one ¾ bath....an eat-in kitchen, a dining room, an office, a family room, and a laundry room" you spend on average 19-23 hours a week cleaning. Now, obviously this differs depending on the size of your home, how many people are helping to clean, and your level of cleanliness, but no matter how you slice or dice it, that's a LOT of time cleaning. Now, let's look at a Tiny Home cleaning schedule. An average American home is 2,500 sq ft, according to Trulia. An average tiny home is 120 sq ft, according to Wikipedia. That means approximately 1 hour of cleaning a week. That sounds like a better choice when considering a cleaning scheduled filled with 19 hours of work! 

lower energy costs

Raise your hand if your heating and energy bills are higher than you'd like them to be. Yup, looks like everyone. 

With the added benefit of being able to customize your home, tiny homes can be very eco-friendly. At Gray Fox, we love eco-friendly! Here's a few of the many ways to make your tiny home a mean, green, eco-friendly machine:


Interested in your own tiny home? Check out these awesome, Maine, businesses! 

Zoë Fluet

Zoë Fluet is the Director of Communications at Gray Fox Real Estate.